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Harologi Rebrand

Project Type

Packaging Design
Art Direction
Print and Advertising Design

Get ready to dive into the world of Hårologi, a brand that takes a holistic approach to haircare. Their name literally means the "science of hair," and with nearly 50 years of experience and close collaboration with hairdressers, they've gained unique knowledge that they can't wait to share with you.

I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a brand redesign project for Hårologi, breathing fresh life into their image. We didn't hold back – we updated everything from the logo to the packaging design, creating a noticeable change that would surprise and delight their consumers and make them want to proudly display modern and beautiful hair care on their home shelves. I poured countless hours into designing labels and layouts for the products, and the results were worth every minute. We redesigned over 60 products, each product group categorized by color for that extra touch of organization.

And that's not all! To truly showcase our creations, we planned some epic photoshoots that captured the essence of what we've accomplished. Sometimes, I took on the role of art director, while other times I grabbed the camera and took on the role of photographer and retoucher.

Alongside the product redesign, we also needed to update and create advertising campaigns, stationary materials, and other prints. I even had the chance to illustrate the products, creating elements that added an extra dose of charm to folders, invitations, and more.

We're not stopping there – we're also working on a brand new website to provide you with a seamless experience. Head over to and sign up for updates, so you won't miss the exciting release date! Stay tuned for all the incredible things we have in store for you!

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