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I'm so happy you are here!

Hey there! I'm Katya, your go-to freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Stockholm. I have a deep appreciation for details because I believe they add an extra sprinkle of beauty to life.


When collaborating with my clients, I draw inspiration from both the past and present, aiming to create visuals that really connect with their audience. Each project is unique, and I approach them with a tailored strategy to ensure we achieve desired results. I enjoy researching, exploring new ideas, and experimenting, all of which allow me to transform ideas into visually stunning and high-quality graphics.


Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of working on diverse projects across graphic design, packaging, branding, photography & retouch, web design and advertising. Additionally, I find great joy in undertaking personal projects to keep that creative vibe flowing.


Above all, I value building close and enduring relationships throughout each project I undertake. I can't wait to connect with you and create something extraordinary.


Branding and Identity

Logotype Design

Visual Identity & Brand Guidelines


Art Direction



Advertisement and Print

Business Card

Printed Advertisement





Editorial Illustrations

Brand Illustration & pattern

Social Media Content

Product Photography

Retouch Photo Editing


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