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Bounir, founded by Isolina Fedel, is a Scandinavian brand that took root in Tribeca, New York back in 2019. Their vision is to create vegan accessories that are all about sleek minimalism and practical functionality. But here's the kicker – they believe in making you, the customer, a co-designer in their creative journey.

I had the chance of teaming up with Bounir to bring their vision to life. First up, we designed an information folder that accompanies their orders, delivering knowledgeable information about the product right to their customers. Additionally, we designed a "thank you" note to accompany their limited-edition phone cases, ensuring that each recipient felt the genuine appreciation.

And to boost their communication game, I created two sets of illustrations. The first set bursts with vibrant hues, mirroring the place where the brand was founded. These artworks were transformed into branded stickers. Meanwhile, the second set reflects sleek, linear illustrations that grace the surface of the information folder.

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